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Our History and Mission

The Philadelphia Solar Energy Association (PSEA) is a volunteer based, member supported nonprofit whose goal is to promote the rapid adoption of solar energy in the Philadelphia region and across the state.   Founded in 1980, PSEA has sponsored the Junior Solar Sprint every year since 1994,  inspiring many young people to pursue careers in math and science.  PSEA has played a key role in the development of clean energy policies in Pennsylvania in order to accelerate the adoption of solar energy to reduce our collective carbon footprint, improve energy security and move toward energy independence.



PSEA has been a key advocate for solar energy in Pennsylvania, helping to develop the policy framework that has removed a number of barriers to the industry and led to the following accomplishments:


  • First Net Metering Tariff in Pennsylvania

  • First training for solar PV installers in Pennsylvania

  • Development of the first public education campaign on solar energy

  • Education of public officials at the local and state levels on the advantages of solar energy

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“Solar power is the last energy resource that isn't owned yet - nobody taxes the sun yet."

-Bonnie Raitt


Philadelphia Junior Solar Sprint

The Philadelphia Junior Solar Sprint is an annual event in which 5th through 8th graders design, build and race model solar cars.  Race Day is held on a Saturday in May, and draws hundreds of students, their family members and friends,  from as many as 25 schools across the region.  Awards are made in four categories as well as the “Best Overall”.  Solar energy comes alive at the Junior Solar Sprint.



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