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Community Solar


There are countless benefits to solar energy. But for Pennsylvanians who rent or don’t live in sunny areas, the traditional panels-on-your-rooftop approach simply doesn’t work. The solution: Community solar. Community solar allows multiple customers to share power from a single solar array, helping ALL Pennsylvanians harness the benefits of solar energy.

 Community solar can allow many small users to come together to gain access to low cost solar power.

Community solar can allow many small users to come together to gain access to low cost solar power.

•Creates new economic development opportunities through job creation, tax potential, and local investment.
•Supports PA’s solar contractors and related businesses, currently the fastest growing energy sector in the state.
•Increases clean energy production, often during peak demand periods when electricity is most needed.
•Improves the reliability and resilience of the electric grid, helping reduce power outages.
• Allows people to pool resources to build projects, reducing overall project costs and contributing tolonger-term electric price stability.
• Offers renters and those who are unable to install solar energy on their own homes or businessesthe opportunity and choice to participate in Pennsylvania’sgrowing solar marketplace.
• Contributes to Pennsylvania’s goal of providing a cleaner,healthier and safer environment for all its residents.
• Can help low-to-moderate income residents and rentersto receive the benefits of clean energy systems.Current Pennsylvania law does not permit community solar, preventing more than half of Pennsylvania residents from benefiting from solar energy. Lack of suitable rooftop, lack of financing or inability to afford a full system are some of the reasons that may keep residents from accessing solar energy. Community solar would expand solar access and allow all Pennsylvanians the opportunity to subscribe to the energy from shared solar energy systems.

 How does community solar work?

How does community solar work?



The goal of Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future is to create a shared vision statewide for the most effective ways Pennsylvania can reach its objective of 10% of in-state electricity sales generated by in-state solar energy.

Photo by zstockphotos/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by zstockphotos/iStock / Getty Images

Solar Jobs Grow Steadily

Solar jobs grew steadily from 2016 to '17,  but at a slower pace than the previous year.  The Solar Foundation's report details state by state progress.  Southeastern PA continues to lead the state, with Berks reporting more solar jobs than any other county.


High performing homes consistently bring a higher price at time of sale,  and they hold their value.  A recent study from the North Carolina Building Performance Association provides indepth research in multiple markets across the state. 

Cost of Solar Drops! Now competitive w/gas & wind

According to the 2017 Lazard analysis,  the cost of utility scale solar has continued to decline to the point that it is now competitive with natural gas and wind.  Community Solar can take advantage of the utility scale.